Auskick and Junior Football kicks off!
2nd May 2021

What is NAB AFL Auskick?
The Subiaco Junior Football Club NAB AFL Auskick program has been developed to build the foundation skills for playing Australian football and to respond to the physical needs of children ages between 5-9 years.

It’s for the kids
Auskick allows boys and girls to play sport in a relaxed environment where making friends, having fun with their parents and improving their skills are given equal weight. It also provides excellent opportunity to play alongside other local kids, friends and classmates.


A typical Auskick session

8:30am - Arrive at ground, have a kick with mum, dad and friends

8:40am - Assemble in age groups and move to allocated areas

8:45am - Play warm up games

9:00am - Skill teaching, guided by head coach and assisted by parent helpers

9:20am - Skill games using skill taught (today and previously)

9:40am - Break into teams and play a match using modified Auskick rules

10:00am - Awards and pack up, and departure

All children regardless of their ability have as many opportunities to touch the ball and use it effectively as the next child, enabling them to improve their ball handling skills and confidence playing a team sport.

Auskick also provides a strong base for kids to move into sport on a competitive level with the Club’s Junior Football program.

Every child gets an Auskick pack
Register your child in Auskick and get this fantastic pack containing these goodies:

Synthetic Sherrin Footy - to practice your skills
NAB AFL Auskick Cap - looking good.
Coles Sports for Schools Water Bottle - don't go thirsty!
NAB AFL Auskick Ball Pump
NAB AFL Official AFL Game Cards
Zaidees Shoelaces
NAB AFL Auskick Pencil Case
NAB AFL Magnetic Footy Ladder

At this “Rookie” stage of an Auskick Program the emphasis is on:

Picking up
Ball Handling
Structured competition is totally inappropriate for 5-8 year olds.
At this early stage, the program should place an emphasis on:

Motor co-ordination and movement activities in small groups.
Enhancing self-esteem and building social skills through individual achievement and group cooperation.
Introducing children to match play through AFL Auskick Rules games.
Parents make Auskick possible
Parents are the driving force behind NAB AFL Auskick. Their role as coordinators, coaches and volunteers is fundamental to the success of the program. But it’s not all giving. Parents have the opportunity to learn about football, parenting skills and make new friends and make new friends through their involvement with the Subiaco Junior Football Club and Auskick.



We need more parent helpers!
We are always keen to have parents get involved with our great Club. There are so many ways you can get involved and help and of course, the more parents involved the better the football programme can be. It is also a fun committee to be involved with!

We are in need of more assistant and helper coaches for Auskick. Assistant coaches and parent helpers reduce the ratio of players to coaches and make it easier to:

Facilitate activites at different levels with different groups
Introduce one-to-one remedial assistance
Determine the skill levels of players
Monitor potential behaviour problems
Speed up the transition between activities
Keep all players involved and active
Vary and revise session plans and activities
If the children are able to train and develop their football skills in small groups then they have a more interesting, rewarding and fun football experience.

Please contact us if you are able to assist with coaching.

10 reasons to get involved in Auskick
Play with your children
Contribute to your child’s social development
Learn new skills
Share talent and knowledge
Have fun, relax and make friends
Serve the community
Help others
Give back to Australian football
Feel values, useful and appreciated
Express your love of Australian Football

Want to know more?
Visit the NAB AFL Auskick website for more information or contact the Club’s Auskick coordinators.

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