Footy’s for everyone say local coaches

Summer sport may not have finished, but local junior Australian Rules coaches Craig Elliott and Cam Tweedie are so passionate about the game they are already out on the paddock with some young charges.

The two coaches work at LifeCare Physiotherapy in Wembley and late last year both won prestigious Australian Football Coaches’ Association awards.

Craig, from Subiaco Junior Football Club, was named WA Auskick Coach of the Year and Cam, coach of the Wembley under-17 team, won Youth Coach of the Year.

Craig encourages all families to consider Aussie Rules for kids because of the benefits, no matter what a child’s sporting prowess.

“I am passionate about kids in sport because I reckon that if you get the healthy living concept ingrained early then it helps set them up for life,” Craig said.

“It’s great for mateship and camaraderie because the kids need to learn to rely on each other in the team in order to play the game.”

He is quick to dispel the myth that sporty boys will always be the stand-out achievers on the field “Junior footy is not about elitism,” he said. “It’s about developing skills and having fun.

“There is an international child who had never played the game until he came to Australia in early primary school and he has developed into one of the team’s better defenders.

“One of the junior teams has a girl who is an absolute superstar. She is as competitive as they come, and I have no doubt that she will be able to go as far as she wants in the new AFL female league.”

Cam says players benefit from the extensive resources that the AFL injects into the development of coaches.

“The AFL takes it very seriously,” he said. “For example, we have had talks from successful AFL coaches such as Kevin Sheedy and Chris Scott.”

Registration for junior football is now online

For Wembley  go to

For Subiaco go to

Or take the kids and register for the Subiaco Junior Football Club in person at the Rosalie Park clubhouse on Sunday, February 21, 10am to noon.

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February 20, 2016

Coaches Craig Elliott and Cam Tweedie enjoy passing on their passion for football to Campbell and Hamish Elliott and Luke Harris